Traits worth having

this is pretty much a celebration of the traits that I think really make me proud to call my mayo (mother) my mum.

1. has an immense respect for elders and people in authority. This for her is not something she forces but more a trait that’s every bit a part of her. Regardless of where she is, she will not dishonour someone elderly,no matter how seemingly deserved it would be. This just had to be at the top because it’s what came to mind first before anything else.

2. My mum is welcoming and caring. Anyone and everyone is welcome in her house. She’s generally a very happy person and I’m sure everyone who knows her will agree with me on that one. In fact right now, instead of going to bed she’s up prepping for tomorrow’s lunch even though the plan was to rise early because she wants to make sure that everyone who walks through those doors will be blessed and as with most Zambian homes, you need no invitation to visit. I remember many years ago, in Chingola, she came home with a girl we all assumed was a relative…we found out later that this young lady just happened to be walking on our small dust road and she didn’tknow where she needed to be so mum took her home and she did find her way home the following day. I also remember children loved my mothers house, growing up, during holidays, our house was a full house…though it can be said that our house was always full house…and experience I will always treasure.

My mum’s a nurse and I’ve seen her work till late if she has to to get her work done.  She feels for the people she’s caring for. When she worked at Nchanga north hospital in Chingola, I remember hearing her say, “If the bathroom is not clean enough for her or her family to use, she’s not going to put her patients in there either “:)

3. Strength: My mum is one of the strongest women I know. She has an internal strength beyond words. Growing up has afforded me the chance to hear about her life and over the years and the struggles we’ve been through, I can definitely say, she is a pillar and is unshakable and I credit that strength to the steel that stills her and keeps the structure standing- JESUS!

4. Loyalty: My mum is a very loyal person. She is loyal to her friends, but more so to her family. For her that means both dad’s side as well as her own. She takes her place in the family seriously and for her even those who are seemingly foolish have a place and a role to play. She wants to excel but wants to take the clan with her. Not leaving others behind. Sometimes her efforts are misused and even trodden on, or possibly misunderstood, but she doesn’t stop because of the dream she has that includes more people than just her or her progeny.

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