You is home to me

If I could pretend I was not you, I would
Pretend your blood did not flow in my veins. I could
Walk away, if we were not moulded on the same cloud.

If your mother was not mine, I might
Have peace and not want to keep up this fight
For your freedom; for light!

If your child was not my child, embedded
In the depths of my skin, our hearts blended
Into one; hope never ended,

If I had never walked with you,
I could pretend I never felt your dew,
On scared feet, walked through.

We are one, bonded beyond words;
Beyond fears and heart ache, our history links
Us, I can’t forget river banks,

Joyful children, family and friends written
In blood stains that I can never erase, if beaten
Out of me. Home I am smitten

With you and all you could be
Even in strife beauty unfulfilled is all I see!
Zambia, you is home to me.

written November 12th 2013

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