African leaders update

I have compiled the names of the leaders that people picked and picked ten to celebrate. As this is meant to be a celebration, I will focus on the good of the leaders I’ve picked and not the bad. The names that have made the cut are:

1.Angus Buchan because when I saw the name, I felt moved to write about him. He is truely a man full of faith in God and His ability to change Africa.

2. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula, I remember learning about him in school but dont remember anything about him. Time to go back and see what this man did for me to enjoy what I do now.

3. Kenneth Kaunda, a controversial figure, seen as a dictator by some, visionary by others. I think he could have been both but will focus on the later. Fact is, its hard to think of Zambia without thinking of the man.

4. Samora Machel, a late president of Mozambique, I know little about him and I’m looking forward to the history lesson. Part of what drew me to him was his wife being Mandela’s widow.

5. Mohammed OA Aziz: I was going to research him before deciding if he made the cut but decided to just do it. Don’t know why but maybe my friend Elizabeth’s high view of him was what made me decide.

6. Abdelaziz Bouteflika is sort of a controversial man, based on the research I did but lets see what I can come up with.

7. Joyce Banda,I know nothing about, except that she is president of Malawi. We will see what we find.

8. Julia Chikamoneka, I know nothing about her either but we really did need some women gracing this list so will have to get to work…

9. Kofi Annan, we all know about his involvement with the UN, an organisation that I don’t really care for but I think he is a leader deserving of respect.

10. Steve Biko, last but not least! He is a man I admire greatly. He was not as perfect as the movie portrays but perfect enough to inspire and convince me of our ability to transform our continent.

I know people love tata Nelson Mandela but I think that it is also important to celebrate other lives that have contributed to the landscape of Africa. At this rate I dont know what gems I would be able to find that others have not yet found about his life and I guess part of why I have chosen these people is I am looking to learn and show people across the globe that tata Mandela was not the only positive influence on Africa.

There are others like the late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe that I would love to write about but didnt want to let my bias toward Zambia get the better of me. I wish there had been more women on the list but also believe that young girls can still look at inspirational men and say “I can change something or someone’s life!

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