A little background: I was on YouTube wanting to play a playlist I made before my wedding. It mostly contained songs I wanted at the wedding, that didn’t end up playing (that’s a story for another day). I accidentally clicked on an old playlist and started driving, which meant I couldn’t listen to anything else and wasn’t prepared to stop … 😊One of the songs that played is a song called “Shama,” by Mr. Fortune. The term can be translated “cursed…” uku shama is the quality of being cursed(the irony in that statement). Mr Fortune talks about how we can experience God’s blessing and then the minute things  go amiss,  we forget that and immediately lament how cursed or unlucky we are; of course  his song is a lot more poetic than that. He further prays that God would change his ungrateful heart, uyu umutima uushi tasha (this heart that doesn’t or never says thank you.)

I don’t know,  but lately the theme running through my life is a need for  greater awareness of my blessings and this reminder to remember that God is who He says He is and promises so much. He has seen me through so much and anxiety and worry only rob me of the joy in Him. We need to remember the gravity of what He has won for us and not treat “shama” like a close relative we call upon when things are tough. To listen to the song here’s a YouTube link.

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