2019 … a year full

This year saw me crying a lot! The year started with hopes that my husband would be in Australia but it was only a year and a day from the day he left that I would be seeing him again … a total of 21 months of visa processing and 2 years and 2 months of a long distance marriage.

This year brought with it one of the greatest loses we have experienced, a child gone with no real answers or explanations, and a whole number of “what if”s. We lost family, one of whom we just found 3 years ago.

This year was anything but easy. Finances were tight, work was stressful … sometimes and there were times where I wondered where God was. We saw dear friends split up … some friendships were lost and other’s still gained. There were a few trips to the ED and deadlines that had to be put on hold …

Through it all though, God was faithful and we experienced His undeniable mercy and love. He has provided through work, through, family and through friends. He has inspired, He has fulfilled His promises in regards to our daughter and given life to dreams I never thought possible.

Yes 2019 was full of experience. It came with warning of impending sorrow, but even with the sorrow, God added joy and peace and He fulfilled Habakkuk 2:2-4 in many ways. Yes there is more healing to receive but my God has been too too good to me.

2020 hear we come

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