Angus Buchan

Finding information about this man proved harder than I thought. I was so sure he would be one of the easiest but I was wrong, and thats where procrastination bites. You leave things late and then a deadline is approching and you can’t find the information you need. Quiet interestingly, I did find some controversy over Mr Buchan’s preaching style and his beliefs and thought that I would mention that. However, I still think he is an outstanding man and share some of his convictions. Some of the arguements leveled against him are by non-Christians or people who don’t subscribe to the ‘men are the heads’ view, which in my opinion is a compliment.

Angus Buchan is described as a Zambian farmer of Scottish decent…yay to the Scottish! My great great grandfather was Scottish and I’m Zambian so I guess I have ended up with more Zambians on the list.  Angus was born in Bulawayo in 1947 to Scottish parents, only moving to Zambia, which was then Northern Rhodesia when he was 6 years old, where he stayed with his family until he completed year 10 of highschool and then went to Scotland where he completed agricultural training.

Before returning to Zambia he travelled through Australia where he worked on farms and did “blocky” stuff like ride horses. It was after his return to Zambia, while working as a farm manager that he met and married Jill. Not long after that, they bought their own farm land that they later sold in 1974 due to the change in political climate in Zambia. They moved to Swaziland, living there for 7 months before heading to the land of the Zulu’s, KwaZulu Natal where they bought a bushveld and had to start from scratch; no electricity or running water, they had nothing!

It was in 1979 that Angus and his family gave their lives to God and ten years later that God, through his word, placed ministry on his life.

Here is a man, according to wedding magazine who wakes up each day excited about the day ahead because he can’t wait to see what God will do in his life that day.  Even when he speaks, his passion is evident and as a Christian he encourages me to speak with boldness. He believes he is called to reconcile men with the Father, and also reconcile fathers and sons as well as preach the gospel.  Regardless of what you think of Angus, he is a fearless man and of action and not only has he raised his own children well, he now runs an orphanage where the fatherless are cared for.

His views on marriage cause some controversy but I don’t understand what the fuss is about when he asks women not to chastise their husbands in front of their children or in public; doesn’t it only make sense that parents sort out their issues privately and away from the children? Does every person on the street need to know about it. Or when he asks men to pay for dates, or open doors for the ladies…them doing those things doesn’t make me a weakling and I don’t have to prove a point and maybe I’m just sick and tired of hearing men swearing at women and calling them bitches that a voice calling for men to be gentlemen just appeals to me.

This man has proven himself worthy of some respect, not only because of his beliefs and I’m sure some would say, despite them; He has worked hard all his life, building his farm from nothing and overcoming obstucles and living his life for the good of others. I love that he wants men to rise up and lead, statistics are quite clear on the effects absent fathers have on the lives of children.

And now I end with part of what he said in his interview for wedding anthem magazine when asked about what he learnt after suffering two heart attacks, and hope it will touch people as much as it touched me. I’m an offence magnet and I know that it limits me so this was a good reminder. “What I learnt from God through that devastating experience is that life is but a vapour…we must not waste time, holding offences, having unforgiveness in our lives. We must press on and live life to the full.”


African leaders update

I have compiled the names of the leaders that people picked and picked ten to celebrate. As this is meant to be a celebration, I will focus on the good of the leaders I’ve picked and not the bad. The names that have made the cut are:

1.Angus Buchan because when I saw the name, I felt moved to write about him. He is truely a man full of faith in God and His ability to change Africa.

2. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula, I remember learning about him in school but dont remember anything about him. Time to go back and see what this man did for me to enjoy what I do now.

3. Kenneth Kaunda, a controversial figure, seen as a dictator by some, visionary by others. I think he could have been both but will focus on the later. Fact is, its hard to think of Zambia without thinking of the man.

4. Samora Machel, a late president of Mozambique, I know little about him and I’m looking forward to the history lesson. Part of what drew me to him was his wife being Mandela’s widow.

5. Mohammed OA Aziz: I was going to research him before deciding if he made the cut but decided to just do it. Don’t know why but maybe my friend Elizabeth’s high view of him was what made me decide.

6. Abdelaziz Bouteflika is sort of a controversial man, based on the research I did but lets see what I can come up with.

7. Joyce Banda,I know nothing about, except that she is president of Malawi. We will see what we find.

8. Julia Chikamoneka, I know nothing about her either but we really did need some women gracing this list so will have to get to work…

9. Kofi Annan, we all know about his involvement with the UN, an organisation that I don’t really care for but I think he is a leader deserving of respect.

10. Steve Biko, last but not least! He is a man I admire greatly. He was not as perfect as the movie portrays but perfect enough to inspire and convince me of our ability to transform our continent.

I know people love tata Nelson Mandela but I think that it is also important to celebrate other lives that have contributed to the landscape of Africa. At this rate I dont know what gems I would be able to find that others have not yet found about his life and I guess part of why I have chosen these people is I am looking to learn and show people across the globe that tata Mandela was not the only positive influence on Africa.

There are others like the late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe that I would love to write about but didnt want to let my bias toward Zambia get the better of me. I wish there had been more women on the list but also believe that young girls can still look at inspirational men and say “I can change something or someone’s life!

my brother got married!

My elder brother got married this weekend. It was a tiring weekend and I have found myself nursing a massive headache since yesterday, to the extent that I ended up having to stay home from work; and no, I’m not nursing a hangover. The closest to alcohol I came was accidentally spilling beer on myself while passing it to a friend and a sip of champagne during the toast. Anyway, the headache was well worth the day. My brother is married! To a beautiful woman I am happy to call my sis 🙂

This relationship is just inspirational. The coming together of two people who have overcome obstacles and have kept their focus on God and helped others see His goodness, not being swayed here and there but standing firm on what they believe.

They have carried themselves in an honorable manner, not taking shortcuts and I for one feel challenged to live my life better and focus on the one who matters most. The rest God will provide in his own time. 

The other thing I have learnt is to sometimes let things slide. This whole time I have been caught losing my cool, but on Saturday, none of it mattered. None of it matters today. My brother is the same God fearing, fun loving man he was and his wife, the same peace loving, joy filled, laid back woman.

I have to admit that I found myself feeling scared of the change but now it feels okay; change is a good thing…sometimes and this is one of those times; holding on to the past would make for a very miserble sister.

Weddings are stressful but on the day, it’s a celebration of the two people who love each other enough to spend the rest of their lives together. The coming together of two families, whose job now is to support and help build something beautiful and not to tear down. We have seen many who have missed out on being supporting beams and have rather chosen to be what destroys marriages and pray that God gives me enough wisdom to choose to support. I  pray that the couple will see many happy years and that God will give us all the grace to bless them and not tear down. I can’t wait to see the great things that are yet to unfold in this new union, to the glory of God!