Falling off the planning wagon

So I recently fell behind on my planning. If you haven’t read any of my posts lately, my daughter lost her best friend and our whole family has been mourning; and obviously my daughter has been hit the hardest by this tragic death, we are all trying to support her and each other as best as possible. Honestly, my planning hasn’t been up to scratch and If you ask me what days I worked, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you.

My bible reading has suffered, phone dates with the long distance lover has suffered and probably a whole lot more, like work … definitely work because I can see it reflected on the pay slip … yikes! But honestly, that’s okay. Life doesn’t have to be rigid, fixed squares in a book. Life happens and sometimes we have to throw out the plan in order to make it to shore and plan another day or year …

I now need to re-establish what planning looks like for me and try and stick with it. So that’s my goal today. My first goal for June is to get back to planning and taking stock of my days.

“A big roaring frame”😂

I am making a conscience effort at finding things to laugh about but yesterday, I was talking to my husband and thought of the smooth pick up line from Tom and Jerry. Check out what he says here and here.

I had a good internal massage while thinking, is this what we used to watch? Clearly though, it must have made an impression if I remember it so many years later.