Sometimes sin …

Sometimes sin and discover that there is no substitute for the surpassing joy and peace that Christ gives

Sometimes sin, when melancholy hits, promises so so much, until it draws us further into the depths of anxious turmoil … depression

Sometimes sings; our drugs of choice, our weaknesses, promise to drag us to hell; but if only Christ would save us, we would be free

Sometimes sin? We all do, but in Christ freedom is possible …our brokenness sometimes sings our strength in Him

Sometimes sin, if only to break your pride so you can depend on Him to kill sin

There are no sometimes sins. they all break me and enslave me … if only Christ would set me free … I would be free indeed

I don’t know what it is that has died in me … I’m fearful most of the time. If you had seen me back in high school, you would have probably voted me most likely to succeed. But I don’t go after  my dreams anymore. I don’t know if I have any dreams left and the only reason I make any attempts at trying, is that my daughter depends on it. I hate  not knowing where I am going, or how to get there. Today I’ve taken multiple steps backward, but this is my one step forward. This is my life, and somehow I have to live it.