What’s in a word: UKWENDA

Ukwenda is the act of walking or travelling. As an example “ukwenda kulanasha” means “walking is tiring.” Other words that are linked to the word are shown in the image below.

Fun fact about the related word “Enda” which is simply walk, is that it can be used to denote that people are dating.

e.g. Kwibisa enda na Kawa = Kwibisa walks with Kawa

This is understood to mean the two are dating.

“mwende bwino” is used when saying goodbye and simply means travel well. Another version of farewell is “mwende ulufwe ng’ombe“. As my great grandmother ba mayo ba Chisanga explained it, it is the highest wish of safe travels. I still do not understand how that works as ulufwe ng’ombe implies a dead cow.

Let me know if you would like other words translated and if there is anything you find interesting.