The beauty of God’s presence

I feel like heaven’s face is shining on me today. Not just today but every day. I had forgotten what it felt like to read the word, worship and pray. I’ve longed to feel like I did when I got saved, to have my craving for sin vanquished and forgotten. I have many cravings, some sinful, others possibly wholesome. But this past week, I have seen God shift my priorities ever so slightly and yet that small shift has left me feeling like a new person … and all it took was Him showing me, despite my mess and cravings, that I needed to worship Him. In those moments when He is our focus and we strive to have Him be all we think of, He clouds everything we think matters and even the things we seek refuge from. In those moments there is peace and freedom. There is nothing more beautiful than God and the greatest blessing is to be His and experience His great love and presence.