my brother got married!

My elder brother got married this weekend. It was a tiring weekend and I have found myself nursing a massive headache since yesterday, to the extent that I ended up having to stay home from work; and no, I’m not nursing a hangover. The closest to alcohol I came was accidentally spilling beer on myself while passing it to a friend and a sip of champagne during the toast. Anyway, the headache was well worth the day. My brother is married! To a beautiful woman I am happy to call my sis 🙂

This relationship is just inspirational. The coming together of two people who have overcome obstacles and have kept their focus on God and helped others see His goodness, not being swayed here and there but standing firm on what they believe.

They have carried themselves in an honorable manner, not taking shortcuts and I for one feel challenged to live my life better and focus on the one who matters most. The rest God will provide in his own time. 

The other thing I have learnt is to sometimes let things slide. This whole time I have been caught losing my cool, but on Saturday, none of it mattered. None of it matters today. My brother is the same God fearing, fun loving man he was and his wife, the same peace loving, joy filled, laid back woman.

I have to admit that I found myself feeling scared of the change but now it feels okay; change is a good thing…sometimes and this is one of those times; holding on to the past would make for a very miserble sister.

Weddings are stressful but on the day, it’s a celebration of the two people who love each other enough to spend the rest of their lives together. The coming together of two families, whose job now is to support and help build something beautiful and not to tear down. We have seen many who have missed out on being supporting beams and have rather chosen to be what destroys marriages and pray that God gives me enough wisdom to choose to support. I  pray that the couple will see many happy years and that God will give us all the grace to bless them and not tear down. I can’t wait to see the great things that are yet to unfold in this new union, to the glory of God!

Home…A reminder of God’s grace part 2

Okay so last post was a bit heavy. Here’s a lighter one, one telling you what was so good about Zambia. There’s something about being home that is liberating, maybe because I’m the kind of person who loves being around people (Not huge crowds) and in Zambia, people were plenty. Before leaving Zambia, I hated, crowds, still do, but having been in Perth for six years and not seeing as many people out and about, I didn’t mind the crowds of Lusaka at all. maybe after a while, it would have bothered me, but for three weeks, it didn’t. I enjoyed being around family and we did rub each other the wrong way once or twice, but there was plenty of joking and laughing. I am truly grateful because our family has something that most don’t. We have unity that most families don’t and we are far from perfect but we are truly a unique bunch.

We managed to see at least seven of my grandparents  and unfortunately only two of my great grand parents, plenty of mothers and some aunts and uncles, one of them being my Uncle who passed away last week, siblings and cousins and a few friends.

After spending time in Zambia for three weeks, we headed to Zim, where the hospitality was beyond words. We attended my elder brothers wedding – I have a Zimbabwean brother 😉 -and boy was it fun! Its funny because generally, I hate it when people speak in a language I don’t understand but this time around, I quiet liked it and by the end of  five days, I was beginning to understand Shona.

The food in both places was tasty and coming back here, the difference is noticeable. The weather was very mild and the scenery was just lovely. Generally, the trip home, has left me even more unsettled in Perth but for now, this is where I am meant to be. The trip was definitely a God given gift and I am grateful!