State of Affairs

So I recently finished reading a report on the state of prisons in Zambia and while I didnt agree with every recommendation made, for me the report was an eye opener. It made me ask, “How did we let it get that bad?” Growing up I never really thought about Zambian prisons. I can honestly say, as with other things, that I led a very sheltered life.

It seems our governemnt is open to reforming the prison system, however did they really need an independent organisation going in to investgate the state of prisons to know how bad things are? Can they say they didnt know? It angers me to see how things are and yet who is there to blame but ourselves??? We can’t blame the government for everything that goes wrong, because when we really think about it, it’s us who bury our heads in the sand rather than hold our governement accountable.

There’s a lot going wrong, and the question “how did we let things get this bad?” can be applied to all areas of our society. Children on the street, unemplyment, the number of teachers sleeping with students, pollution and damage to our environment without any consequences for the ones responsible, lead poisoning, etc. How did we let things get this bad??? Fact is we just don’t care.

Now that I know, the question is, what am I going to do about it??? With a lot of things we sit back and just accept it, but nothing is going to change unless we fight for change, not with violence but with first changing ourselves and fighting for truth and holding ourselves accountable before we hold our leaders accountable. With caring enough to start to think about solutions, caring enough to reach out and pull someone up. To stop pretending that everything is okay, because it is in our own little worlds.

Author: blessingsonahill

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