I havent posted in a while and feel like I am wasting valuable space here on wordpress. Im back though after a long time of being unable to write poems or stories or any real thoughts. Ive been feeling like a dry well. I have a theme I want to try. I ask that anyone who reads this will give me a name of an African leader they admire and I will write articles on ten oof those nominated over ten weeks from the 12th of April. I understand that history favors the one who writes it and will try to give a balanced view of whoever these people might be. I plan on doing this again so if there are too many names, I will simply use them later on. If however, there arent enough names, I will let it ran it’s course. In the unfortunate event that no names are submitted,I will just ran with it. I am giving a two week limit on the nominations and hope people will join the journey that I hope will be a celebration of Africa’s leaders. So just post your names in the comments section or go to the blessings on a hill facebook page and post there. You have until the 14th of March which is just a little over two weeks

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