Having too many people on your guestlist is a good thing

Today I had a realisation … having guestlist problems isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means that there are so many people out there who you would love to have celebrate with you. Yes, some may not understand why you would leave them out, but budget constraints sometimes mean that you have no choice but to cut names off.

Most people want to come because they care; because you share a relationship they treasure. Even those we don’t know are usually there to support someone close to you. Those that are there to hate, well, if God is going to set a table for you before your enemies, you need enemies.

What would be sad, is not having anyone to invite; to be alone; with no support and no one to walk you through the wedding jitters, and no one to celebrate with.

Our list is over 500 names strong, and yes, it has been cut and will be cut further, but these people have all played important roles in our lives at different points.

So if you, like me have too many people on your wedding guest list, thank God, because others have no one.


Author: blessingsonahill

When I figure it out, I'll let you know

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