So most of you probably think you know what I am going to talk about. Zambia has been hit by a Cholera outbreak that has seen 2000 cases since September, with 51 people dead. When you consider the percentage of cholera sufferers who show symptoms, you realise that the number is higher. 

This last week or so, we have seen the government launch a clean up of Lusaka that has not been done by any government and the response from some people is a view that they should have done this earlier. But wait, I think we need to develop an eye for good, before a critical one. 

This is the first time that any government has attempted a clean up of Lusaka and yet we want to find fault and say they should have done it earlier.  Zambia, and, on a larger scale, Lusaka has experienced Cholera outbreaks every single year, and yet we have been idle. Opposition and ruling party members, Lusaka city council plus us Zambians all need to take responsibility for what we have bread. Don’t criticise the government when it is the people who throw garbage in the drains; a habit that totally drives me insane.

Rather than being critical,  let’s give thanks that Lusaka is being cleaned up and also take the time to think of those suffering. What we shouldn’t do is shift blame or forget what is important, change has started. This is not something to be used for political gain

Author: blessingsonahill

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