Hair tip 6: Invest in a pair of scissors

So I have been doing videos on what I do to grow my hair. If you would like to see the orginal 5, check out my youtube channel “blessings on a hill”. So, hair tip 6 is pretty much invest in a pair of hair trimming scissors and trim every few months to a year depending on your needs. I personally like to trim my hair every 6 months but others trim once a year and others more frequently than that. Keep in mind that if you are aiming to grow your hair, not trimming or trimming too often will limit length retention and you won’t see any growth.

Use a dedicated scissors as blunt scissors will damage your ends and cause split ends. Damaged ends means more breakage, and again will mean a loss of length.

In Perth, you should be able to find trimming scissors in some salons and sometimes in wooworths, the reject shops and some pharmacies.

Author: blessingsonahill

When I figure it out, I'll let you know

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