Book review: Life giving parent

I got this book 2 Christmases ago but did not really get the chance to read it. I have recently been trying to rebuild my reading habit and enjoyed reading this book. As a person from an African background, I find that some books sell western ideals as the way of doing things (which I guess is only fair because we all write about what we are familiar with). What I loved about the book was how the tips can be applied to any cultural context and and actually enhance our children’s experience of their culture. It is a Christian book and ultimately, this is all in the context of a Christian home but some points could easily apply in a secular context. I had issues with some of the bible translations used but that might be more of a preference issue and I did not find anything they said heretical. I also struggle with the use of personality tests, which they are big on. To enter the giveaway, comment below or on any one of the social media posts relating to this review. State your name and where you are from, how many kids if you are a parent (or not) and why you would like to read the book.

2 thoughts on “Book review: Life giving parent

  1. Mary-Jane Sianjobo

    My name is Mary-Jane Sianjobo,I live Lusaka Zambia, I am not yet a parent, i would like the book because i think it would be a good guide to learning how to be a good parents and just knowing how to raise kids looking at the generation we are in,lots of kids watch different things on TV that later destroy them because they cant tell what’s write and wrong but if from a young age you introduce them to God they became good cultured children.


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