Woman sentenced to 17 years…Zambia

So my sister told me about a woman in Zambia who was sentenced to 17 years for murder…did a quick search in google and found a Lusaka Times article about it. From the news report, it seems the woman acted in self-defence. The story can be accessed here, if you want to see the context of the case. It is said that the woman was beaten by the man and she grabbed an alternator cover and hit him with it. He died and now she has been sentenced to 17 years behind bars because of the “seriousness” of the crime and apparently after taking into consideration, the events that led to the death.

I’m no lawyer but from my understanding, for someone to be convicted of murder, intent to kill has to be established. This particular case sounds more like a case of self-defence and not murder. Apparently Zambia is a Christian nation, governed my Christian values, yet despite the fact that even in the old Testament, God made provisions for those who killed someone unintentionally. There were cities of refuge, to which they could go and be provided with safety incase the family of the deceased wanted to take the law into their own hands. They were by no means thrown into prison and the higher penalty for murder was not applied.

In the Christian nation, however, the judge states that “You killed your own husband whom your children called father, and now your children will no longer have someone to call father,” making me wonder, who is fighting for the cause of the woman, where is justice for the children?

These children now have lost both their mother and father. With the current state of prisons, it is more likely that this woman will not exit that prison in seventeen years and even if she does, she has little chance of making a decent life for herself afterwards. I hate to think what will happen to her children.

Isn’t it funny that when a young girl was charged and was facing possible jail time for pornography charges, which according to the law, she was guilty of, people were rallying behind her, calling for her to be freed? Yet here’s a woman, who in self-defence kills her husband and no one is standing behind her. How many women are going to have to die before we stand up and stop men abusing their wives???

Author: blessingsonahill

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